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Why Shoreside Realty & Rental Management?


SHORESIDE Realty was founded through hard work and perseverance becoming the successful, recognized real estate investment and management firm it is today. As Shoreside Realty has evolved and grown, one thing has remained constant, the drive to achieve results by exceeding expectations because we believe Integrity Is Everything!


SHORESIDE Realty & Shoreside Rental Management, SRM's values of Service Excellence, Empowerment, Integrity, Passion, Achievement and Teamwork are our guiding principles and they shape who SHORESIDE is as an organization. When you join SHORESIDE Realty, you will learn new skills, acquire knowledge and use these values to help you grow in your career and fulfill your professional goals.


SHORESIDE Realty is committed to the service of our associates, residents, owners, and investors and firmly believes that our superior ability to serve our clients and customers differentiates us. We empower our associates to think and act like an owner and use our core values as guiding principles to serve our clients and customers in a way that exceeds their expectations, going above and beyond to create the ultimate experience.


Corporate Careers

What is it like working in our office? Expectations are high and deadlines can be tight, we work hard but we play hard too! Hours are flexible as long as clients and customers are served beyond their expectations. No tie, no problem! Business casual to casual attire is more than acceptable in our work environment.


Our Corporate Office supports and serves our associates, investors and customers to realize our vision. There are numerous opportunities for professionals across diverse business groups and locations in our Biloxi headquarters. 


SHORESIDE Realty offers professionals career opportunities throughout our corporate business groups (residential, hospitality and shared services):


- Operations                                        - Sales & Marketing                                                      -  Acquisitions

- Accounting & Finance                    - Asset Portfolio Management                                   - Information Technology


- Investor Relations                            - Investment Management                                          - Human Resources

Careers in Residential

Home is where we feel safe and comfortable, where we finally put our feet up after a long day and tuck our kids in bed. It is where we hang our photos on the wall memorializing life’s biggest events; weddings, graduations and kids’ birthdays.

At SHORESIDE, we want to make coming home something our residents look forward to every day. As an associate on our team, you join us in creating memorable resident experiences, experiences that meet our definition of "At Home", hotel-like experiences with each resident we welcome home. Experiences where we greet each Resident by name, make a connection with them and offer them our assistance. At SHORESIDE, we create great experiences.


Working in the residential industry is exciting, challenging, fast-paced and full of opportunities to grow!


It is an industry that is incredibly rewarding, offering those that make a career of it the opportunity to grow professionally. It is truly an industry where anything is possible with dedication and hard work, your career is what you make of it, we will help by giving you the tools you need to succeed.

Responsibilities of Residential Teams

Resident Customer Service

Going above and beyond to provide extraordinary service to our residents, making them feel at home.

Financial Management

Budgeting, accounting financial and investment analysis.

Management of the Physical Property

Maintenance, inspections, operations, capital improvements and sustainability.


Marketing and Leasing

Marketing plans and strategy, advertising and preparing the property for rent, showing the property, negotiate leases, establish rents.

Human Resource Management

Managing, leading and coaching the team members who maintain and support the property's operations.

Legal and Risk Management

Insurance, emergency management.



What to Expect Once You've Applied

Once you have applied online, you will receive an email letting you know your application and/or resume has been received. Once received, one of our recruiting professionals will review your qualifications. Following their review, they will then contact those candidates that most closely match the position's requirements. You will be sent an email once the position has been filled even if you were not contacted for an interview, usually within 3-4 weeks. If contacted for an interview, you may be asked to meet with the General Manager or even one of the owners of Shroeside Realty. If offered a position, as part of our pre-hiring process, candidates will be asked to provide professional references and complete a pre-hiring background and drug screening prior to beginning work. with SHORESIDE. SRM is a drug-free workplace and an equal opportunity member.

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